Black Whiskey Voodoo Collective  play mind-bending noise at the vibrant margins and rough-edges of improv, prog, kraut and psych.  They operate on that strange threshold between worlds where genre doesn’t matter. They shift effortlessly between drifting atmospherics, cataclysms of sludge, shimmering clouds of shoe-gaze noise, creeping ur-Sabbath squeals, seismic low frequency jams, single guitar meditations, beautiful post-rock dashes and transcendental riff worship.

The live show is Shamanic, swirling minimalist prog rock, soundtracking a Herzog film never seen, but only dreamt.

Pigeon-holes are for pigeons! A true musical auteur. Blues-rock waltzes about suicidal mathematicians; stadium rock meditations on Gravitational theories, and beautifully affecting pop music about the pains of love.

Soul shaking music to save your soul.